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Simply ShineBecause we all have days where we need a little extra help from above; a subtle glimmer of encouragement; a tiny reminder that we are beautiful and so very loved. Believe it or not, beneath the glitter and the giggles, we have days like that too. Where just a whisper of shine -- the littlest hint of heaven -- speaks volumes to the heart. These designs are for those days.

Includes an adjustable 16" - 18" shimmering sterling silver or 14k vermeil cable chain.

How do I care for my SHINE?We want your SHINE to SHINE forever! Here are a few tips to care for your jewelry: we dip your sterling silver jewelry in a layer of rhodium, which should protect your SHINE from typical sterling tarnish. However, to prolong the beauty and protection, you should apply all makeup, hairspray and lotions before wearing your piece, and remember to remove all jewelry before showering, swimming, and exercising. Always keep clean and dry when not in use. When storing your SHINE, you can wrap it in a soft cloth and place in a jewelry box or other sealed container to keep it from oxidizing.

Please do not use any type of cleaner, chemical or polishing cloth to clean your rhodium dipped or 14k gold vermeil jewelry, as these can damage your SHINE {cloths and chemicals can remove the protective rhodium / 14k coating} revealing the raw precious metal underneath and lead to tarnishing!

Jewelry tarnish is the result of a natural chemical reaction between the jewelry and the surrounding environment where the jewelry becomes darkened or discolored. Humidity and individual body chemistry can contribute to the speed and severity of tarnishing. Keep the rhodium or 14k vermeil coating in place through proper care, and tarnish should not occur! 🙌

To clean brass: this may sound crazy, but we have found that rubbing brass with lemon juice {or ketchup} and water, then rinsing, will clean it right up! Please note that oxidation is a beautiful part of brass' natural process and should be expected.

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